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Working Connections Surveys

All attendees are required to complete TWO surveys (one overall and one track-specific survey) before they leave Collin College at the end of the program on Friday, July 11, 2014.

Please see the links below.

Failure to complete these surveys will make you ineligible to attend Winter Working Connections 2014 and Summer Working Connections 2015. For those who are suspended from attending Working Connections for the next 12 months, both you and your supervisor will be notified.

Working Connections “First Day” Survey

Immediately after lunch on Monday, please complete this short survey. This can help us fine-tune tracks that might benefit from attendee feedback.
Survey Link - Monday

Working Connections Overall Survey

Before the end of the program on Friday, everyone must complete this “overall” survey.
Survey Link - Overall

Working Connections "Track-Specific" Surveys

Before the end of the program on Friday, please choose only the survey below that corresponds to the single track you attended this week.
Survey Link - Android App Development
Survey Link - EMC Cloud Infrastructure and Services
Survey Link - Ethical Hacking
Survey Link - LPI LInux Essentials
Survey Link - vCloud Director
Survey Link - vSphere Director

Thank you for participating!

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