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Android App Development

Track Room Location: Room H134, Heritage Hall (Collin College's Preston Ridge campus)

A hands-on course in development of native Android Apps using Java and Eclipse. After looking at a brief history of Android, and the Android software stack, the participants will create Android Virtual Devices (AVD’s) to run their apps in various hardware formats from a small Smartphone to a high resolution tablet. We will build apps that: create a GUI, handle events, and move from one screen to another, connect to a database, collect data from a web-service using JSON. Packaging your app and delivering it to the Google Play store. Monetizing with advertising, paid-apps, and in-app purchases. This course includes some best practices for creating and teaching an Android app development class. Participants are encouraged to bring their own Android devices to the class. (Along with the USB cable.)

Participants should have solid programming skills in Java up to the level of understanding inheritance and polymorphism. For college students, an Android class is well-placed in the second year (3rd semester of programming) at the earliest. For faculty to be best prepared for this course, they should be teaching at least a first course in Java.



Dr. Colin Archibald is a professor of Computer Programming at Valencia College in Orlando, FL and an adjunct professor of Software Development at the University Central Florida. He has been teaching OOP languages for more than 15 years, and is on the leadership team that created the Bachelor of Applied Science in Software Development at UCF. He is the co-founder of StayCALM Apps, a small company that has placed successful apps in the Google Play store and Amazon Market.


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Please note that content is subject to change or modification based on the unique needs of the track participants in attendance.

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